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Newborn Sessions 

If you have landed on this page, you're likely expecting or just had your baby and you're  thinking about documenting this wonderful time in your family's journey. Having a baby is such an exciting time in a mother's life! You have waited patiently for nine months to meet your sweet baby, and now that they are here you are absolutely, unconditionally, head over heels in love! The sweet baby smell, when they smile in their sleep, how the moment you hold them in your arms, it feels like home. This is a time filled with wonder, emotion and unconditional love, but it's also a time of getting to know your baby, and navigating this new life with them in it. If you're a first time mom, know that you will forever remember these first moments at home with baby and all their adorable squishiness. That is why I'm here, to help capture this milestone. My goal with newborn  sessions is to make the experience as comfortable and stress free as possible. I will prepare you with tips and tidbits along the way to ensure we have a beautiful session. 

As you browse my portfolio, you'll notice my sessions are unposed, and I do not use props. My approach is not just about documenting the baby, but the entire family. And especially mama, who just created a human life and gave birth!  If you adopted a newborn, these sessions are also for you! You  opened up your heart and home to your new baby. It's also a time to document the growth of your family. If you have other children, it allows them to take part in this wonderful occasion and the parents get precious images to cherish forever. 

Behind the scenes video

Bay Area Newborn Photographer

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