A Day at the Ranch | Walnut Creek Family Photographer

I met this family for the first time last year, and they were so sweet! Mom was expecting baby #2 at the time. This year, they came back and I got to meet the new addition to the family, another adorable little girl!

With two little ones, there really is no better place to take pictures, than at a ranch with some farm animals! The kids loved it. And I really loved this session too. Not only did the family look beautiful, because mom coordinated their look so well (they even matched my blanket), but the girls were so well-behaved and so easy to photograph! They loved the camera! And mom and dad are gorgeous too, aren't they?

Hello dream session!

In the end, their gallery was really big. In part, because this location has so much to offer families, but also because this family was so easy going! They already knew my style and what to expect. That's one of the perks of coming back to the same photographer year after year. You build a relationship and the clients trust the process, which means you can really have fun with your sessions. I love to try new things with my return clients! It allows me to give them variety year after year.

Let's just say, I can't wait until next year with this wonderful family!

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