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Bay Area Family Photographer | Mommy & Me Valentine's Day Session

Happy Valentine's Day!

For me, Valentine's Day isn't just about my husband and I, it's also about the little love of my life. This little girl right here, my daughter. She is my muse. She is also the reason I decided to take a break from the 24/7 rat race of Television Production and start a family photography business. Since she was very small, we have been doing self-portraits, because I didn't want her to just have selfies with mommy, and I am always the photographer in our family as well. This is why family photography is so important, because these photos are what we leave our children when we are gone.

Typically I don't do the "matchy matchy" thing when styling for a session (even my own), but I thought the skirts were fun and a simple way to get the Valentine's Day vibe in an easy and inexpensive way. And we just happened to have the denim jackets at home. I am not one for props either, so this worked for me. I thought it turned out really sweet, so I even did some mini sessions (which again, I don't typically do), because after everything that has gone on the last two years, I had a feeling other mamas would love to have something like this as well and I was right.

Mama, when I say get in all the pictures, I mean it. If you haven't taken any photos with your kids in a while, reach out to me and let's get a session booked for you. You deserve it, and they deserve to have those memories with you.

Happy Valentine's Day xoxo

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