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Updated: Sep 13, 2019

It's that time of year...Prom! And with that, parents, and photographers alike will be snapping away to capture this milestone in a teenager's life.

Who says prom pictures have to boring and cheesy? If like me, you attended Prom in the 90's, then you probably cringe at the thought of the ugly blue backdrop and cheap deco with the standard phrase, "Put her arms around her waist."

You knew you only got about 30 seconds to get it right, you watched the other kids before you and maybe even practiced. This was serious, you couldn't screw this up.

When it was your turn, you and your date quickly got into place and followed the photographers directions. You tried to smile and make sure you didn't blink- click!

"Oh... did you take it already? You didn't count, I think I blinked."

"No, no you look fabulous, NEXT!"

And of course, when the pictures came, you had blinked, and neither of you looked relaxed or particularly happy, but those pictures were it... for life. Take solace in the fact that you can always say you didn't go to prom when your children ask to see the pictures.

This is one of the biggest night's in a young person's life. Let's get some pictures of them with genuine smiles and their eyes open... am I right? I love making my clients feel like movie stars on days like this, and these two were no exception.

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