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San Francisco Bay Area Engagement Photographer | Together Forever

These two beautiful people reached out to me for an engagement session, and what a session it was! During the planning process, we discuss lots of details about wardrobe, location and dates, but I will also take this time to get to know you as a person. I feel like the photographer-client connection is equally as important as the connection shown in your images.

I'm also going to try to gage your level of adventure. I am all about trying new things in my photography right now, new locations, new angles, new clothing styles, new editing styles, it's what keeps things fresh for me. So when someone says to me "We will do whatever, we like to be spontaneous." That's music to my ears.

This couple was so easy-going and fun. They just wanted great pictures showing the love they have for each other. Sometimes, clients aren't able to travel far to epic locations for whatever reason, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun in some spots a little closer to home. As we were finishing up the session, I saw this little spot I really wanted to use. It was not an easy walk, the tide was out and the ground was covered in dry reeds and mud, but they saw my vision and it was safe to get to the spot (Because safety always comes before a great shot!), so they were all for it. Once I started editing this session, I was obsessed, and they were too once they saw their gallery. Give me all the engagement sessions please! :)

Want to see this session in action? Check out the behind the scenes video below.


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