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Bay Area Maternity Photographer | The Calm Before The Storm | Brentwood, CA

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

This beautiful couple contacted me about a maternity session just a few weeks shy of mom's due date. Due to it being right in the middle of rainy season, are options were limited, so we chose the only cloudy but dry date in the forecast. Then, I watched the forecast (obsessively) and waited to see how the weather would play out.

Rescheduling would be tricky for this session, not just because of mom's approaching due date, but because they were traveling from over an our away for the session. As the day of our session approached, we decided to just go for it and hope for the best! It was now or never.

As I drove to my favorite park the day of the session, I remember thinking (panicking) that it was going to start pouring at any moment! The clouds were SO dark and thick. When I arrived, it sprinkled on me a little, and I cursed Amazon in my head for the delivery delay of my clear umbrellas.

But we got lucky! While very dark, with light sprinkles, we just barely made it through the session without rainfall. Once I started editing this session, I fell in love with gloomy skies! The clouds that threatened to dump buckets of rain on us for an hour, ended up making this one of my favorite sessions ever.

It was literally and figuratively, the calm before the storm.

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